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Project Overview

Preserving Croydon's heritage

St Mildred's PCC has commissioned a significant new organ from Nicholson & Co, Malvern.

The new instrument will have two manuals, 35 stops and 1,784 pipes.

Nearly all of the pipework comes from a local redundant organ, built by Lewis & Co in 1906 for St Paul's URC, Croham Road, South Croydon, and one of only two in Croydon (and only 16 in Surrey) to be awarded a Historic Organ Certificate for its excellent pipework.

All the Lewis pipework will be retained (other than the facade pipes which must remain in St Paul's URC) and used to form the core of the new organ. 

This important piece of Croydon's heritage will be preserved to speak again for future generations.

Only the glorious copper facade of the existing West organ will be retained, with the remainder being replaced by the Lewis pipework and three new stops, built as copies of existing Lewis examples to preserve the tonal character in every detail.

Mechanically the organ will be entirely new, and the modern materials will be impervious to the common problems of low humidity and heat in centrally-heated churches.

As with the existing West Organ, the new organ will be played from the

console of the small East Organ.

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