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The 1987 East Organ

In November 1985, the ground-level 1959 organ console and a small choir division of two extended ranks above it, were destroyed in an arson attack.

Following the repair and redecoration of the church, the decision was taken to build a free-standing, tracker-action instrument for the purpose of accompanying the liturgy and St Mildred's very accomplished choir.

The new organ would be in a gallery overlooking the choir, and away from easy access for those who might wish to harm it!

Completed in 1987, the East Organ has a modest but extremely versatile specification, and it has served St Mildred's with great distinction, admirably performing its role. The inaugural recital was given by Dr Peter Hurford in April 1988.

NP Mander cleverly incorporated both mechanical action for the east with electro-pneumatic for the West Organ, which was also played from the same console. This arrangement will continue when the new organ is completed. 

The manuals, pedals and couplers are all mechanical, with electric stop action.

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