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The Lewis & Co Organ

Built in 1906 for St Paul's United Reformed Church, Croham Road, South Croydon, the Lewis Organ is one of only two in Croydon to hold a Historic Organ Certificate (the other being the Hill organ at Croydon Minster). The schedule on the certificate specifically references the quality of its pipework, all of which will be retained for the new organ at St Mildred's.

In this way an important cultural asset will be retained locally for many decades to come.

With two manuals and pedal, and 27 speaking stops, the organ currently has tubular pneumatic action that has become increasingly unreliable. The slider mechanisms are also erratic, meaning that a number of stops are no longer playable.

Facing the costs of restoration, the decision was taken not to restore the organ, and this meant it was available for relocation to St Mildred's.

Its specification is extremely well thought out, with a broad spectrum of colours and dynamics. Unusually, it has two undulating stops on the swell and two contrasting 8' Flutes on the Great

The organ will occupy a very differently-shaped space at St Mildred's, which means that the existing slider soundboards cannot be used. With the console at the East end of the church, 30 metres away, the tubular pneumatic action was also unable to be reused in the new scheme.

Click here to download the full specification of the 1906 Lewis & Co organ.

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